A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first game based on the old "Moon Lander" arcade games from when I was a kid.  This is an alpha build where I'[m just testing out various ideas and getting my "developer legs". All the graphics and programming have been done by myself in Blender and Unity.

The purpose of the game is to rescue the escape pods scattered around each level. The exit from the level will not appear until all the pods have been rescued.

Fuel Crystals:  Fuel gets used constantly so pick up the  blue fuel crystals to fill up!

Charge Crystals: Exits and other areas may be blocked by rocks, pick up the charge crystal to make seismic charges. You can only detonate these when  you are close to  a blocked area.

Health Crystals: Certain obstacles my damage your health, pick up the yellow crystals to boost it back up.


Rotate Left/Right: Arrow keys, A/D

Engine Boost: Space Bar

Drop Charge: B key

Pause Menu: Esc key

All feedback welcome!

Install instructions

Unzip the file to your directory of choice and then run Pod_Rescue.exe to play.


pod rescue.zip 241 MB


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Hey! Thank you very much for playing  game. I had great fun watching you, it was a real blast! Apart from myself you're the only other person to play it so your feedback is invaluable.

Your spot on about the colour of the crystals. I never even noticed that and that's something I will change. 

Your comments on the fuel usage are also a good idea, burn less and have more for exploration!

I also like the idea of being nudged where to go, either with arrows or some other means. 

Thanks again for your feedback, I really do appreciate it!

All the Best.

Heya! I really loved these kinds of old flash and browser games so finding this was really refreshing! I did have a few small complaints regarding the level structure, crystal colors and the fuel. I hope you find it useful! Best of luck in your ongoing development! This was pretty damn fun!